Red scarlequin

These creatures appear to be solidified plasmic entities with a base liquid composition somehow aligned on a molecular level into a temporary solid shape. Possessed of base cunning and a feral intelligence, they have only encountered in the form of fanged clowns. Though they appear as humans, they are an alien intelligence and most likely Eldritch in origin.

Scarlequins resemble human beings in red-tinted clown make-up and costumes sewn from pale, perhaps human-skin leather. Except for their faces, all exposed body part are completely degloved and appear to be bare muscle and bone. They have sharp fangs and long boney talons instead of fingernails. They move with preternatural grace and speed. While their physical endurance is wholly unremarkable, they have combat force and strength far in excess of a human being.

Their most disturbing trait is only discovered upon their demise. When killed, a scarlequin explodes into a showering pool of caustic blood. This fluid can cause significant – though not life threatening – contact burns. After ten to fifteen seconds of liquefaction, a pooled scarlequin begins to swirl back together and reform.

At this time, it is unknown what kind of damage can permanently destroy a scarlequin (if any) and how long it takes for a ‘slain’ scarlequin to reform.


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