Captain Rory Montgomery


Physically, Capt. Rory Montgomery is pretty average. A little tall and a little square of shoulder for a female human, but that’s easily attributed from spending most of her formative years in military school. She’s strong, fast, and wiry enough to hold her own in a fair fight, and resourceful enough to pick out a good improvised weapon in a not-so-fair fight.

Rory has hair a regular mid-brown, streaked with some red now that she has for some time lacked the facilities to dye it back to a more uniform color. The hair she kept trimmed to her ears throughout her service on Vanguard 1 has grown out past shoulder length, and seemed to have just stopped growing there, apparently unable to muster enough shagginess to seem more than mildly unkempt. She hasn’t yet bothered to cut it, but she does keep it clipped back into a neat, utilitarian ponytail. Her eyes, like her hair, are an unremarkable color. They are pale grey-blue, and at least 20/20, though there’s some indication from her records that that might be the result of corrective surgery. In uniform or out, her tendency is to wear slacks, a long-sleeved shirt, and square sensible shoes. She isn’t flat or lacking in feminine curves, as those unfortunate enough to be on Mad World know without a doubt, but in polite public view, you’d barely know it because of her mode of dress.

In demeanor, until you get to know her, Rory is quite distant. She’s a pleasantly neutral person on a usual day, and one with a keen command of the rules of order- a normally very by the book girl. Past that shell, her friends have seen a very deeply thoughtful and philosophical person, one who has been changed on many levels by the last three years of duty aboard the Vanguard. She is not always the quickest decider, nor the most decisive captain, but with the help of the team, she’s always kept her people’s best interests at heart, occasionally at spectacular odds with the rules she on the surface so seems to value.


Six years in service to the U.N. System Fleet and three years as the commanding officer of the UNF Vanguard, a first encounter vessel equipped with the new hyperspace drive allowing passage between stars again. Most of my family supposedly was lost to contact on one of the colony worlds, a truth I’ve come to doubt given what we found in our first mission. A Montgomery as captain of a space station, a military site that critical? Doesn’t fit. Come to think of it, a lot of things don’t fit, but they’re also things that don’t matter now. I’m the only one still alive that I know of, and there’s this distinct possibility that won’t be true in a couple of weeks.

I waited my whole life for the chance, and we had a few good years, but an optional mission, brash overconfidence and carelessness has cost us the ship, the lives of most of the crew. Not a debt I even have a concept of how to repay, given what happened in the wider universe during that time. So much for the dreams of a child. Past time to put away those things, and a sense of guilt is….frankly..pointless. I do what I can to make sure those lives weren’t lost in vain, and no more are spent frivolously. Dad gave up everything to put me through military school and give me this chance to live up to the family legacy. He died before I was out of military school, and the more I learn on missions, the more it seems the Montgomerys have been involved in stellar history in ways that neither of us suspected. If I have two weeks, I’m going to make them count, and then we’ll see whether there’s a chance beyond that.


Captain Rory Montgomery

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