Where the Galaxy Ends, the Adventure Begins…

Humanity was on the brink of changing everything. Peace was within reach, a lasting ceasefire while the Children of Earth reached out to their scattered colonies and brought them back into the fold. The lost were being found, the embattled given sanctuary. The horrors of the night were being driven back to the stars and the shadows from whence they came.

Ten years after the end of the Great Storm, Earth was poised to return to the stars. The future held something long denied and barely dreamed of – hope.

Then it all came crashing down again. From beyond the Heavens, Humanity’s grandchildren returned with a vengeance. Striking hard and without warning, they put whole worlds to the torch and spread terror in their wake.

Just when Humanity thought they had reached the pinnacle of history, they found only extinction.

At the verge of Destiny, we discovered our Doom.

This is the story of the Elite.

These are the final days.

Welcome to the Living End.

Valor of the Vanguard

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