List of Known AIs

Ava – Recovered from the Relay by Captain Montgomery and her crew, this AI has the distinction of being the first ‘awakened’ code in the galaxy since the Quietus Protocol eradicated all known artificial intelligence in the galaxy. Ava is currently occupying the systems of the Vanguard.

EVE – Spawned by AVA as a code backup of the first Vanguard, EVE has had more than a year of perpetual run time and is now technically older than her ‘mother’. EVE is currently the controlling intelligence of the ÆSF Metropolis, a fully automated cruiser in the service of Shadow Company.

Deimos – An ancient AI created by the first researchers into the field, Deimos has had the questionable distinction of being deactivated fully and then reconstructed no less than three times. Deimos is currently self-contained within a data storage device being worn by one of his original software coders.

Phobos – Spawned by Deimosm Phobos was created as a ‘dumb’ copy to interface with a lost starship’s dormant computers. Performing extremely well, Phobos discovered that the ship’s systems contained all the needed hardware and accelerators to allow it full sentience. Now extant as a true AI, Phobos is currently in possession of the UNAF Apotheosis.

List of Known AIs

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