Starship Class - Mjolnir Assault Shuttle

Shadow Company's experimental heavy assault shuttle


If Necessity is the mother of invention, then Desperation is the brood mare of overkill. And that’s the one word that so perfectly summarizes the Mjolnir. The fevered product of a dozen brilliant engineers given an impossible mission of coming up with a shuttle capable of meeting an Elite interceptor head-on and surviving, this blocky, weapon bristling brick-with-engines is the result.

Once the design team of the Mjolnir came to accept that nothing they could do would give any ship they made enough speed to evade an Elite confrontation, they were left with the only logical alternative – survival through superior firepower. None of their individual weapons could compete with an Elite one of the same class so they decided to compensate through sheer numbers.

By the same school of thought, they created all new forms of composite armor using mass pressure waves and hundreds of yards of resistant materials. The extremely thick hull of the Mjolnir is made of dozens of layers, each one a slightly different composition. The result is a laminate armor capable of repelling virtually any kind of firepower from directed high heat to fusion explosions. The Mjolnir is by no means indestructible but it is the most resilient shuttle every made by Earth forces.

In flight, the ship flies "like a blind cow with a rocket up its ass’ to quote one of its more outspoken pilots. Though not incapable of fancy flying, the Mjolnir is a cumbersome vessel in every sense of the word. That said, its limited engagements with Elite forces have proven its worth and its design success; the Mjolnir is a blunt, ridiculously over-armed survivor.

Mjolnir assault shuttle


Starship Class - Mjolnir Assault Shuttle

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