Personal Weapon - Stalker Pistol

Riley's specialty flenser handgun

weapon (ranged)

An old weapon with a bit of history, the Stalker is a refit. It is an anteque slugthrower from the Colt line of pistols modified with flenser technology. The refit does not end there. A secondary unit capable of flash compression is set on the upper chamber. This compresses each round after the shard is cut from the gun’s ammo block, maintaining its ballistic profile.

This second compressor is needed for the Stalker to fire its specialty ammunition – Tombstone blocks. These are so called because of their appearance, something similar to the artificial granite and other composite, flecked stones used to create grave markers. Tombstone ammo is laced with multiple substances found to be anathema to supernatural creatures. Silver, salt, iron, ash wood and even consecrated marble comprise more than half of each ferro-ceramic block. Without additional compression at the time of firing, shards of this ammo would crumble apart before they reached the target.

Note: The Stalker is not a unique weapon, just a rare one. These handguns are limited to members of the Templar Order. Their mere possession is a calling card, a means of identification within the ranks of the Knights.

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Personal Weapon - Stalker Pistol

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