Ifurita CAM

Combat Armature Mechanism designed and utilized by the Æ Vanguard


While her initial design was a drunken stroke of genius comprising the very best and very worst elements of the concept of creation-by-committee, Ifurita has overcome the troubles of her unorthodox assembly and now stands (literally) as one of the Vanguard’s most effective and versatile weapon assets.

Ifurita is a humanoid assault vehicle designed following ‘plans’ created two hundred years ago by engineers simulating an invention from science fiction media. While Ifurita’s construction was impossible at that time, material science and technology have advanced sufficiently that her creation was mostly possible. The ‘mostly’ is important to note; she is designed around a few ‘impossible’ concepts that classify her as at least partially xenotech.

In any case, she is capable of multiple compat roles, from long range sniper with her main weapon – an energy rifle based on blackbody radiation emission – to aerial interception through her physical transformation into a aerospace fighter with a swept wing design.

At the present time, Ifurita’s command systems have imprinted on Templar Riley, allowing her (and only her) to operate Ifurita in combat.


Ifurita’s weapon load out is currently as follows:

  • Primary Weapon – XT-01 Dark Sun Variable Mode Energy Rifle (handheld)
  • Secondary Weapon – Fire-linked Milestone Ordinance Launchers (back mounted)
  • Tertiary Weapon – Æ-980 Streaker Packs / 4 missiles each (one in each shoulder)

Ifurita also carries a special defensive weapon:

  • Special DefenseAEGIS Forward Barrier Array (left arm, shield plate)

The AEGIS is a prototype shielding array built from captured Elite devices and mounted into an armature plate on Ifurita’s left forearm. When active, the AEGIS generates a powered barrier nearly the height of the robot unit itself and twice its width.

Material interference prevents the AEGIS from being activated while Ifurita is in fighter configuration. Moreover, power cell limitations allow only three minutes of total use before a 175 minute recharge period is required.

Ifurita CAM

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