Entourage 2

Heavy Transport Vehicle aboard the Vanguard


After initial contact reports with the Elites came in, the disparity of firepower between the Vanguard and their superior foes instigated a top-down review of ship capabilities. One area of improvement came from the disturbingly violent mind of the ship’s Chief Mechanic, Roland ‘Ramshackle’ Macray.

Taking a set of power cutters and a full auto kit to a damaged Entourage in the vehicle bay, Ramshackle took the opportunity the wrecked transport offered and made some ‘design improvements’. For starters, he pulled the vehicle’s middle wheels and axle assembly entirely. With the density and strength of the chassis and its suspension, he correctly deduced that they were not necessary and only added extra maintenance to what should be a very straight forward combat vehicle.

Inspired by one of the Friday Night Movies shown by Specialist Casper, he redid the body structure and assembled its external design to closely resemble an armored transport from an old science fiction movie involving big guns and deadly aliens.

To this end, he scrapped the existing pintle-mounted Milestone and removed most of the gun’s outer casing to save on space and weight. After realizing that virtually all of a Milestone’s kinetic displacement occurred straight backwards during firing, he devised a casing dubbed the ‘Rock Box’. This housing incorporates heavy gauge shock absorbers inside the back wall and is lined in the same baffling displacement material found in Xenotech gravity generators. The result is a virtually recoilless mounting turret.

Then, because one Milestone just didn’t satisfy Ramshackle’s need for excessive firepower, he mounted two in the same Rock Box, chaining them for .07 second syncopated fire. Accepting that the vehicle might encounter targets inappropriate for Milestone use, he mounted a second Rock Box to the front and outfitted it with a pair of rotary heavy flensers on either side of a point-to-point grenade delivery system.

In a final step of modification, the Twin Milestone Rock Box is pointed on a rail line allowing it to be pulled back and housed on the rear of the vehicle. This leaves the vehicle’s entire upper surface free of protrusions, providing an excellent surface for magnetic grapple and carry systems such as the Remora devices in use by most Æ transport aircraft.

New entourage


Entourage 2

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