Unique Technological Device / Data Storage and Reclamation System


Designed by an AI using spare parts and Elite salvage, this device is a compilation of memory crystals in a wearable, user-accessible psionic matrix with a low grade powered field generator slaved to its recursive atomic power cell.

The device is capable of holding the complete runtime of an Artifical Intelligence while providing ample room for computation and analysis. Several monitoring devices allow the AI a full spectrum ability to sense its environment. These include thermographic, visual, audial, radiation and passive sonar arrays. All sensors are under the direct control of the databrace’s AI and output can be displayed using the holographic emitter located on the back of the armor’s hand shield.

In addition to its digital and sensory capabilities, the databrace retains the same ability to generate of powered personal protection field as the Elite Deathwatch armor suits from which many of its components have been acquired. While this is insufficient to also shield its wearer, the field does render the arm within it virtually impervious to kinetic and energy-based harm.

Important Note: The databrace is a prototype. Only one, the Deimos Databrace in Specialist Casper’s possession, currently exists.


Powered databrace


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