Æ Officer Uniforms

The uniforms used by the Allied Earth Military Force


A combination of several styles, the uniforms of AE are a marvel of modern fabrics and the ingenuity that only seems to come from hardship. Lightweight, resistant and created with transmission and conductive fibers in a body-wide mesh, AE uniforms offer comfort, protection and utility in a single set of all-purpose garments.

The Officer variant of the AE uniform is not functionally different from the Enlisted version. It simply provides a visual cue for ease in following the chain of command. Designed to be somewhat recognizable to any ethnicity, the AE Officer’s uniform still retains a sense of unique purpose.

The highest praise given to this uniform came from Admiral Halstaff on the eve of the suicidal defensive blockade that resulted in the Elite Armageddon cruiser War being driven away from Earth:

“Sure. I could die wearing that.”

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Æ Officer Uniforms

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